It’s not just another hole in the wall!

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 More authentic Vietnamese street food, but I just can’t get enough of this right now!

As I’m a girl about town, I deliberately change my walking routes and this is how foodietraveller sometimes discovers exciting new eating joints, to share with you all. Miss Vi- A Scent of Saigon at 49 Manners Street, is a real cutie with two lovely young Vietnamese ladies working there. It only opened 2 months ago, and is attracting some good clientele. They open Monday to Friday 11am- 7pm and also sell their food at the Cuba Left bank night markets.

Working in a tight kitchen behind the hole in the wall, they get their food out fairly quickly with great service and a smile. They have a blackboard menu and printed menu which is handy. Prices range from $3- $10, starting with light meals; summer spring rolls, vege or meat noodle salad, black glutinous rice (mmm doesn’t sound that appealing but is described as black sticky rice with mung bean paste, toasted coconut, coconut cream and sweet and salty sesame seed peanut topping which does sound totally divine). They also have a clayplot specia Rice dish.

Soups for the soul are are chicken noodle (pho ga) or braised beef (bo kho). I got to try the latter on my second visit this week. The beef was of good quality and so tender, it just melted in my mouth. It was a very good size portion and clocked-full with carrots, rice noodles and green veges. The broth was sensational spicy and warmed the cockles of my heart and I think cured my sore throat. They also have sandwiches; homemade bread rolls with pate, grilled meat, tuna or sardine. These translate to bahn mi- which is a French type of baguette with a Vietnamese filling.

The ‘classic’ was recommended. I zoomed back to my office and as I was starving, this was devoured quickly. I loved its soft and crunchy roll with the added crunch of fresh veges, pickles, ham and tasty pate, all mixed with a lovely creamy and smoky chilli sauce! The saucy kick lingered for quite some time.

They sell fruit smoothies, juices, and a dairy-free sweet mung bean dessert (we lol we can’t knock it till we try it). And also Vietnamese coffee, hot or iced. But wait there’s more. They even serve a dairy-free special Vietnamese hot egg coffee. Get outta here. This is a new one on me. I’m back for sure to test one of those babies as my tastebuds are definitely curious.

Yes we do need education and no this is not just another hole in the wall!

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