Feed your belly and your mind

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I was surprised recently when someone mentioned there were not many Vietnamese restaurants in Welly. I was so proud to rattle them all off and I have yet to visit them all myself.

Apache- when Paris meets Hanoi, sounds like a cowboy- western European love story gone wrong, but “what’s in a name” said Shakespeare. Apache is actually a nickname of a female guerrilla sniper from the Vietnam war and roughly translates to ‘hooligan’. Ok.

Apache now occupies the former “Finc” (and for the oldies out there “City Limits”) on Wakefield Street.The Vietnamese/French modern menu’s objective is to  stimulate and please your tastes buds, and your mind also. They use local, fresh, healthy organic products where possible, and cater for the glutards, asterisking the GF dishes.

It was so hard to choose but I made a great choice with the ‘Bang Bang Chicken Salad- lemongrass , spiced cashew, mango, mint, coriander, coconut, chilli, lime and palm sugar with crispy shallots. Is your mouth watering yet? Lady lunchalot chose the Happy Crepe. Its crispiness was a little unexpected yet filled with twice cooked pork belly, prawns, sprouts with crackling on top, it was divine. We were in sweet and sour Asian heaven.

We saw the Bang Me Twice pork baguettes at the table next to us, which looked amazing. They also offer a jungle style curry, rice dish, boeuf bourguignon, pork rolls along with other lip smacking sounding dishes.  Come get your fill at lunch or dinner and you won’t be disappointed.

We had to finish with a treat. Vietnamese coffee was introduced to my fellow foodie friend. She loved the mix of condensed milk with coffee. The pannacotta, rice pudding or chocolate mousse will definitely be sampled next time.

Service was minimal, but so efficient, friendly and just perfect for the corporate lady lunchalots.

It was so lovely to depart and see the Vietnamese chefs leaning out of their open kitchen with a huge smile on their faces. They live, eat and cook with love and you do taste and feel it.


2 thoughts on “Feed your belly and your mind

  1. Apache is my new fave Vietnamese – tipping Restaurant 88 off the top of the list! The owner was at Dragon Fly before this so explains the amazing food!!

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