Time to refuel

refuel3Refuel fruit salad and yoghurtrefuel pancakes with maple syrup and coconut cream

I’m an ultra early bird and have been a Les Mills Extreme gym junkie forever. When I arrive and leave, Refuel cafe is closed. One day I happened to glance up at the blackboard menu, and noticed it featured some Paleo dishes e.g. Paleo pancakes, bacon and eggs, so I vowed and declared then that I would come here to test the pancakes. I make banana pancakes weekly so being competitive and inquisitive, I wanted to try theirs.

After making a conscious effort to come for lunch, my first attempt sadly failed. The cafe opens at 7am M- F, however I was unaware that the blackboard menu finishes at 11am. Slightly annoying. Apparently these hours meet the needs of the core market that frequent here. Fair enough I guess. You can order anything anytime from the cabinet e.g. vege or fruit salads, wraps, smoothies, protein shakes, bliss balls. They also sell a variety of healthy homemade snacks as well as some commercial ones e.g. Tom and Luke protein bars. They have a great selection of juices and coffees and even bulletproof coffee. Shut the front door! Very up with the play.

My second attempt proved fortuitous. No brainer, as it was the pancakes for me and BFF ordered fruit salad and yoghurt. This was my second breakfast/lunch and her snack! We’re athletes don’t cha know?!

When my pancakes arrived, I got chatting to the friendly chef Fraser, who gave me the LD (lowdown) on this place. It has been privately owned for about 18 months and was previously owned by Les Mills. The owner (an ex chef and a PT) teamed up with Fraser and Regan (Front of House). Obviously they are all gym members so they take health, fitness and nutrition very seriously.

My pancakes aesthetically looked amazing with lovely berries on top but did taste slightly dry. They were definitely enhanced with the coconut cream and maple syrup, which was served in tiny white jugs. My homemade ones taste more sweeter and bananaery (madeup word!), and I only need to use a little maple syrup. Mine are also more rustic looking with a nice caramel colour. These babies were pale but each one was perfect in shape and it was a good portion size for only $12.00. Bestie was happy with her fruit salad and yoghurt. Bless.

We ordered a latte each made by barista Regan, and these were excellent. Of course they were as they use ‘Flight’ coffee beans. We bought a salted caramel raw energy ball for the road and both later agreed that these hit the spot nicely, as our healthy avo snack.

If you need  a health fix that’s not expensive, check it out on Taranaki Street. You don’t need to be a member. It’s open on weekends also with varying times.

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