Fomo on pho bo!

 Fishermans' Plate Fisherman's plate4Fishermans's Plate

I got stood up for lunch and as foodietraveller didn’t have her packed lunch, she had to go in dire search for something to eat. On a cold southerly day, theres’s nothing like a good pho bo; Vietnamese noodle soup from Fisherman’s Plate, in Bond St.

You can easily walk past this place and miss it. Yes they serve fish and chips (even yummy kumera chips) but also Vietnamese food to die for.

To get the Vietnamese vibe, you have to sit down the back to appreciate this little establishment and watch the different clientele. The tradies or corporates eat in at the front or order takeaways, and the Asian/Kiwi community and foodie travellers sit down the back.

I ordered in my bestest Vietnamese, ‘fo bo’ please and the lovely girl said ‘sorry what number was that?. I frantically had to search the humungous laminated wall menu for number 24. Ah that’s takes all the authenticity away! I think it’s pronounced ‘fur ba’, note for future.

This is classic, authentic, inexpensive street food. I’ve eaten here several times and had a variety of their curries and stirfries which are really good, however the pho is outstanding. The first time I tried it, I started eating the salad separately. An Asian colleague of mine happened to see me and laughed hysterically and then showed me how to properly assemble it. Voila,  a simple one dish wonder.

The salad arrives first with lettuce, coriander, lemon wedges, mint and sprouts and a chilli sauce. Approximately 10 minutes later, a steaming hot bowl of rice noodles in broth arrives . The colours are amazing and the zingy taste is a wonderful combination of salty, sweet and sour. Beware, this is not for the fainthearted. I love watching the pink beef slowly cook in its delicious broth. You can’t be ladylike with this dish. Napkins are on hand to mop up any spillage and your mouth and sweat off your brow. It comes with a spoon and chopsticks. Don’t forget to re-apply the lippy Ladies!

Wow, I could eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So good for the soul. One pho bo friend says ‘hey yo’ bro’, you gotta try the pho bo at Mekong Café in Vivian St. It is more of a walk for a lunch date, yet foodietraveller will walk miles and fast for good food. Watch this space.


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