The grassy field is greener!

field and green 1Field and Green frittataField and Green

Only a month old, Field & Green has opened on Wakefield Street, in the former premises that were occupied by Big Bad Wolf.  The name reminds me of the Irish song ‘The Fields of Athenry’! It stems from chef Laura Greenfield’s name and she and business partner Raechal Ferguson have graced Welly from the London cafe scene.Their fit out is clean, simple, and styly and they’ve made an excellent use of the space with ample seating. You can also sit at the counter at the back on stools and watch the action in the kitchen. Continue reading

Time to refuel

refuel3Refuel fruit salad and yoghurtrefuel pancakes with maple syrup and coconut cream

I’m an ultra early bird and have been a Les Mills Extreme gym junkie forever. When I arrive and leave, Refuel cafe is closed. One day I happened to glance up at the blackboard menu, and noticed it featured some Paleo dishes e.g. Paleo pancakes, bacon and eggs, so I vowed and declared then that I would come here to test the pancakes. I make banana pancakes weekly so being competitive and inquisitive, I wanted to try theirs. Continue reading