Sing Sing Sing- Singapura

Singapura Singapura2 Singapura3

Cheap and cheerful lunches are a well-earned reward for us, post a hard hill walk on a Sunday. This time we stumbled on Singapura in Tory St, opposite Moore Wilson’s. It’s basic, clean and tidy inside. It unfortunately has had it’s fair share of not so good reviews but this doesn’t deter me. This was worth foodietraveller’s time.

Singapura provides traditional Singaporean cooking which is a mix of Thai, Chinese, Malaysian and Indian dishes e.g. Tom Yum soup, laksas, curries, spring rolls, wontons, satays. Singapore, Malaysia and India are still on my bucket list.

Singapura’s chef hails from Hong Kong and he did a great job. I encouraged hubby to try the  char kway teow as it looked so good in the picture outside. I’m not a fan of the menu pictures outside, but this one got me. It almost lived up to its marketing ploy. A thick egg noodle dish with eggs, chicken, fish, cabbage, bean sprouts, spring onions in oyster sauce topped with BBQ pork had hubby smiling. Portion was generous for $9.90.

I loved my spicy chicken sautéed in lemongrass paste with beautiful steamed broccoli, cauli, carrots, courgette and coriander. The veges still had a nice crunch, bright colour and the spice was KAPOW!. Just what the doctor ordered. Napkins had to be used for my runny nose and it definitely warmed up my insides fast. This was served with a good portion of rice which I choose not to eat, and I still came away perfectly satiated. You can choose beef or seafood also. Cor mine was a whole $12.90. “Cheap as chips”, as Jamie Oliver would say.

Service was average but expected for this type of dining. Efficient and courteous is all you need.  I’d definitely come back and try the satays and wontons, Asian Salad and the recommended (and my favourite) Tom Yum (yum) soup. The chocolate wontons for dessert did sound tempting and we were curious, however we parked the idea for another time.

Dessert today was a real treat. We tried one of WCF (Wellington Chocolate factory)’s famous hot choccies. Small and decadent, yet so delicious. As was the chocolate banana bar and the chocolate mallowpuff bar that we shared the following night.


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