Just off to do the Laundry- yeah right!


I’m back in the funky Cuba quarter again with my second serious food visit to the Laundry cafe. Bring it on.

You can’t get your laundry, dry-cleaning or steam pressing done here, despite what the exterior signage still says. I like the tes the intrigue, as you see people with their hands cupped against the windows, taking a peek to check out what all the fuss is about!

The decor is shabby chic vintage and the retro fringed lampshades are cool.  You can sit at tables or on couches at the back. You actually feel like you’re in someone’s dining room/lounge; yet it also comes with a bar. It caters for live gigs late afternoon/evenings due to the owners’ musical interest.

We got there early on a Saturday and Fidel’s was already choccka. However within seconds, Laundry’s tables were filling up fast. Obsessed by food, I already knew what I was going to order, as I had studied the menu in advance. Eggs with meatballs in creole sauce please. They were yummy however needed just a little more salt. Girlfriend had the buttermilk waffles with blueberry compote, cream and maple syrup with a side of halloumi. (Yep I know?!). Other girlfriend had scrambled eggs on sourdough with a side of halloumi (that’s better).

The meals did take ages however it was worth the wait. They were all equally tasty. Our lattes and hot chocolate were fabulous and kept us going while we waited. We also loved the quaint old crockery the dishes were served on.

Breakfast/brunch is served until 4pm on weekends which if fab for peeps that love eating breakfast food anytime of the day. The menu leans towards good ole Southern soul food e.g. corn bread with Laundry’s homemade baked beans, slow beef or jerk chicken burgers, some vege burgers and a chicken chorizo vege enchilada.

There is also a heavy emphasis on vegan and vegetarian options.  No GF options marked but easy to cater for. You can in fact make a meal of the sides alone e.g. dirty rice (brown rice with quinoa), greens, hand cut fries, and hush puppies.

I’ll definitely bring hubby back for dinner, as I’m keen get a side of music with my main. Those burgers sound good and they are very popular so I’ve read. My order will be “hold the bun with more salad or other greens please”. I feel a bunless burger challenge coming on with comparing these to their neighbour Ekim’s.

They have 4 craft beers on tap and have a wide selection of good wines and hard liquor for sale, if you want something a little stronger than a coffee.

This is such a wee gold mine but you don’t need any gold coins for the slot (washing) machines, at this joint. Ok enough chit chat. I’m off home to really do some laundry.

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