Sashay for Satay!

satay1Satay Satay malaysia

We were just about to order an Ekim Burger when hubby decided he wanted to try Satay Malaysia instead. It was located right next door on Cuba St. Ekim don’t despair as you are still on my list. I’ll be the weirdo asking for the bunless burger with extra greens.

Cuba St has such a cool, grungy, hip vibe with an ecletic mix of people. It makes for great people watching when you’re perched at the window table of Satay Malaysia.

When it comes to Malaysian food, I’m generally a creature of habit. It’s either Nasi Lemak or Chicken or Beef Rendang.  I just adore the combo of peanutty and coconut flavours with that lingering spice.

On the lunch menu naturally were satay skewers, prawns/squid, murtabak, laksas, rojak, lovely sounding salads, noodle dishes and various curries. They cater for carnivores, pesceterians, vegeterians and glutards (apparently this term was coined by a Seatoun restauranteur to describe  those painful people who choose gluten free options!). So in a nutshell there’s something for all.

Dinner would definitely command the obligatory mix of chicken and beef satay skewers for starters, however for lunch we only needed a main. We were hungry as we’ve had just done an 11km walk. Nasi Lemak it was. It came beautifully presented and was ever so tasty, however was a little on the small side with regards to the protein, so I  reluctantly chose to eat some rice to fill up. Unlike KK Malaysia’s generous portion, there I can easily park the rice as their meat portion is substantial. Hubby had the spicy seafood mee goring which he really enjoyed.

This place was empty at noon and then in a blink of an eye quickly filled up, which is a very good sign. The service was very friendly and efficient. Why would it be anything else? Malaysians are such beautiful people and great with service and good food.

They did have a great selection of wines and beers and that was good to know if we return for a cheap and cheerful dinner or me with my gal pals. I need to now visit Satay Village on Ghuznee St, to do a comparison of their Nasi Lemak or Rendang. I’ll certainly let you know.

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