Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!


It’s refreshing to find a healthy cafe that serves nutritious food that caters for the GF, vegan, dairy-free and Paleo/primal followers amongst us.  This is more upmarket compared to your Tank, Kapai or Habitual Fix salad/smoothie places. I make all this food at home but do have more protein, however this hit the spot perfectly when I was stood-up for lunch today! Seize is located at the Southern end of Lambton Quay, just along from the Old Public Trust building where Jamie’s Italian is going to open. There was a queue to the door when I arrived, however it moved quickly accommodating the corporate lunch hour.

Today’s special was a Thai spice pumpkin soup. There is a big choice of customised season salad bowls  or everyday bowls including acai chia pudding (yum), granola, raw porridge, fruit salad and berry parfait. My gorgeous mix of kale, spinach, grated carrot, grated courgette and smoked chicken salad with apple cider vinaigrette was divine.

They sell flight coffee in takeaway cups which I assume keeps their costs down, and you can get an almond latte here. Note to self to try one of those next visit.  They have raw juices and amazing sounding delicious smoothies. For dessert they have raspberry vanilla or cacao bliss balls or DF plum cheesecake for starters. I was so tempted to try the cheesecake as I make my own raw energy beetroot bliss balls, but I will definitely try next time.

The service is friendly and efficient and provided by hip staff, mainly male  who are extremely passionate about their new Welly concept and its offering. You just absorb their passion immediately and apparently they like to get to know you by name and remember your order Love that! If you dine-in, be prepared to share a lovely long wooden table or snag a small one of your own. It’s noisy but a nice buzzy noisy!. Water is infused with orange slices served in jugs with mason jar mugs.

Congrats Seize. You’re on to a good thing here. Healthy Wellingtonians will love you. Carpe diem.

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