Cheap and cheerful Korean

ArirangArirang pork Arirang dumplings

Hubby’s favourite cuisine has always been Korean. To be honest, it’s not high on my list but it’s growing on me. I surprised him last week by saying ‘let’s go Korean for lunch’. Our date day is usually Sunday and as Arirang is closed on Sundays this was the perfect, wet Saturday spot for a cheap and cheerful lunch.

Arirang is a Korean folk song and often considered the unofficial national anthem of Korea. Located on the corner of Ghuznee and Victoria Streets, it has a very contemporary interior. Service is very friendly and efficient. The menu is extensive and extremely affordable.  You can opt for a lunch special or a Korean BBQ menu which gives you a vast array of tempting dishes to try.

We chose an entree of the most delicious dumplings as a shared starter. As these are now a treat, they tasted even more delicious. They also have Korean pancakes, egg rolls or fried chicken. For mains, I was keen for duck but eventually chose the jaeyuk deopbap (spicy pork). Let me tell you there was no yuk about it; it was absolutely delicious and was such a generous portion. I was entirely satiated without the rice and my tastebuds tingled for ages afterwards. Hubby chose his ultimate fave,bibimbap, a traditional rice dish served in a pot, where you mix in the wee sides of grated potato, kimchi, seaweed. We both did really well with our chopsticks and enjoyed the experience. Other mains include soups, stirfrys, stews, with chicken, pork, beef or tofu and pork ribs or cutlets.

They cater for all your beverage tastes and their drinks menu features some very good NZ whites and Aussie reds. Or there is hard-core liquor, mocktails, softdrinks or teas. I’d like to try dinner next time and sample some of these, especially one of their interesting tea concoctions along with a Korean BBQ fixed menu. This is a great place for a group or with family and friends. If you’ve never tried Korean, I encourage you to do so.

The only Korean phraseI know is “Hello” so I said it to our waitress when we were leaving. She was most impressed. Hubby was embarrassed. Whatevs. Annyeonghaseyo

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