Give me a KK Malaysia!

This place is one of Wellington’s iconic Malaysian restaurants on Ghuznee Street, established in 1998. You’re either a fan of KK’s (owner’s initials) or Satay Malaysia, which is just along from KK’s. I’ve always been a KK fan (but certainly not a KKK fan!).

This place never falters with service, quality, or delicious, authentic Malaysian food. I seem to always order me ‘ole favourite Nasi Lemak or Beef Rendang and am always torn between my two loves. Portions are good and it’s served with rice which I choose to skip, yet I still leave feeling satiated with a delicious fresh, peanutty taste, that lingers in my mouth for ages. Girlfriend was certainly impressed with the taste and authenticity of her Nasi Goreng and the affordability of this place.

Starters range from $6 to $11.00 and you can choose soups, chicken wings, satays, spring rolls etc, and these are good to share. Mains range from $11.00 to $14.00. They cater for carnivores and vegetarians and offer the good old staple laksas, gorengs, rendangs, roti chanais, curries and the Hainanese chicken BTW, is delishimo also. Oh good one, I’m making myself hungry and am craving one of these dishes right now. They are not licensed and only serve soft drinks, but there are bars and cafes up Cuba Street to have a drink or coffee and dessert to finish, if you so desire.

It’s such a small dinky di (that means true blue mate) with about 8 tables with a nice, simple interior that seat couples, or groups of 4 or more and it’s always chokka. If you takeaway or have to wait for a table, trust me it’s worth the wait. Waiting generally is a good sign of fabulous food and not poor service. Turnover here is fast anyway. Go for a quick lunch Monday to Saturday as they’re open 1130am to 230pm, however I’d recommend go as early as possible or ring to make a reservation. They re-open for dinner at 5pm. It’s great for a cheap and cheerful night out and you might even get to take home a doggy bag. Enjoy.

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