Cheap and cheerful Korean

ArirangArirang pork Arirang dumplings

Hubby’s favourite cuisine has always been Korean. To be honest, it’s not high on my list but it’s growing on me. I surprised him last week by saying ‘let’s go Korean for lunch’. Our date day is usually Sunday and as Arirang is closed on Sundays this was the perfect, wet Saturday spot for a cheap and cheerful lunch. Continue reading

Superbe, affordable, intimate, relaxed fine dining


How grateful one is to have inspirational grandparents. Jano Bistro’s chef Pierre, spent his childhood harvesting and cooking fruit and vegetables in France with his grandparents Jeannot and Manette. Being an Italian market gardener’s daughter, and married to a fellow Italian market gardener’s son, I salute you with respect and understanding. This is the beginning of good work ethic and discipline for a successful life ahead. Continue reading