The pidgin is not too salty!

Salted pidgin2Salted pidgin1salted pidgin

Being locals, we thought we’d try one of the newbies on the block for Sunday brunch; the Salty Pidgin in Cleveland St, Brooklyn. I was talking with a friend the other day and we agreed that this spot unfortunately has never been the same since Lois Daish closed the Brooklyn Bistro in the ‘80’s.  Lois just hit the mark in every way and it was perfect. Everyone as been mourning since. Continue reading

Hola Mexico!


Mexico Food and Liquor now in Dixon Street Wellington, is one of 7 nationwide locations due to its popularity. I first stumbled on the original one in Britomart Auckland which was founded back in 2012. It instantly appealed because as soon as you walked in, you felt like you were in Mexico. Hola! Continue reading

You can run and you can hide at the Hideaway Bar!




As soon as I heard this bar was opening, the lyrics from the famous ‘50’s Latin mambo song sprung to mind. “No-one cares how late it gets- Ole! Hernando’s Hideaway”. Tucked away, deliberately behind Plimmer Steps, you are definitely hidden. Formerly the Bull and Bear, it has been transformed into a dark, bar/restaurant with a contemporary menu which has a twist on old classics. There is a pool table and some pokie machines, and although I’m not a fan of either, you don’t notice them.

Continue reading