WCF? Wellington Chocolate Factory


Chocoholics, did you know that we have our very own secretly hidden, artisan Chocolate Factory in Eva St Wellington? It’s open to the public and they also offer chocolate tours.

What a wonderful sight for sore eyes lies behind their solid black door; but be warned as a tantalising feast awaits you. Housed in a funky old building, you are surrounded by sacks of cocoa beans and a large table in the middle where you can multitask as you sit, indulge and oggle. You get to watch the artisans at work, as they make batches of luscious, high-quality, organic, fair trade chocolate. The staff are so friendly and are more than happy to answer any of your chocolate questions.

On their back wall, they have a wide range of chocolate tablets. Each of them has a bright, unique designer wrapper and you can choose from coconut milk, chilli lime and nuts, Dominican Republic and NZ Hazelnut just to name a few. Or at the counter, you can indulge in trying the various other individual chocolates they have for sale or you can even buy online. Your mouth will instantly water at the ingredients that have been used and they way they describe how they’ve been crafted.

Of course coffee and chocolate is a marriage made in heaven so you can drink a coffee, or  have chocolate on chocolate and try one of their delicious hot chocolates. These are the best in town, or as Jeremy Clarkson would say ‘in the world’!

This is a great place to showcase Welly with out of town or overseas visitors, as it’s just something a little different from Te Papa or the Weta Cave.

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