High Five to Five Boroughs

South Pacific Five BoroughsButtermilk chicken five boroughstriple choc milkshake

Last Sunday hubby and I had a lunch date. I have been to NYC a gazillion times and it’s one of our favourite cities, so as soon as we walked in to Five Boroughs, we fell in love with it. Its namesake refers to the Five Boroughs of New York, and the interior definitely depicts a NYC diner or Jewish deli.  The authentic NY black subway tiles really make this place. There is a mix of booth, table or counter seating and darn it, you know I love booths and they were full!. We were greeted amicably by co-owner Bryn, and immediately were seated at the back of the diner.

The red laminated menu offers some classic burgers, subs and sandwiches, all day meals, grill food, snacks and sides.  Our friendly, gorgeous waitress was dressed in a really cute polka dot uniform or it may have been her own dress, but it really matched the décor. Brownie points for accommodating my request for an order of buttermilk chicken with a side of creamed spinach, even though the chicken doesn’t “officially” start until 5pm on the grill menu. Hey you don’t ask, you don’t get right? I always get! It was sensational and served on a wooden board with a side of maple syrup. The combination of these flavours was just delishimo. Even hubby couldn’t help leaning over to have more than one bite and note bene, he also tucked into my creamed spinach a few times. Lucky I don’t mind sharing.

He chose the fab South Pacific; scrambled eggs with corned beef and pickles. The taste and presentation was fantastic and the shredded/ pulled corned beef just made it so more esthetic. Hubby also ordered a triple choc shake which arrived first so we couldn’t resist devouring most of our dessert before our mains. Regressive lunch bring it on. Man it was dangerous. Lucky we’d been for a 15km walk!

I’m coming back here on Saturday with girlfriends, to make my way through the menu.

This definitely is yet another wee slice of NYC in our very own Welly backyard; located on the corner of Roxburgh and Marjoribanks St, Mt Vic.

menufive boroughs

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