My Big Fat Greek Food Truck

 Greek Food Truck 5Greek Food Truck 3 the Greek Food Truck

 Yassas! Doing what they love, childhood friends and now business partners, Jill and Sophie decided to start their business after Jill visited Sophie in Santorini. They have definitely added an affordable, quality and much needed touch of Greece to Wellington. Their pristine white food truck with its authentic white and blue Greek logo, resides at the summer markets on Taranaki Wharf from Wed to Fri, until end of March. Saturdays they can be found at Oriental Bay or Scorching Bay and at Chaffers Markets on Sundays. Jill informed me that they are about to expand their locations, so keep an eye out for this moving feast. Speaking of ‘eye’, she also enlightened me about the painted classic Greek evil eye symbol on their truck. Evil eye is also known as the “matiasma” or “mati”. It’s purpose serves the function of warding off the effects of the evil eye, so it keeps them safe and secure when they work and travel.

As soon as you approach the truck, you are instantly greeted by their distinctive Greek music and the warm and friendly service. The blackboard menu offers lamb, free-range pork or chicken souvlaki, mititei- spicy, herb-flavoured Greek/Romanian saussies (on their own or in a pita), chicken skewers, fries, haloumi burger, Greek salad, donuts and baklava. They also have a range of drinks to wash it all down with.

This time we tried the mititei pita and the chicken skewers, A few weeks ago I had a lovely chicken souvlaki. The flavours and taste of the meat are so tender and succulent, and the salad, tzatziki and pitas are so deliciously fresh. We had to finish off with a Greek donut. OMG, drenched in honey, it was soft and gooey and so divine. Sitting in the sun, dining on Greek food, I was immediately transported back to my fond memories of the Greek islands, where I spent a month, many moons ago.

The Greek Food truck is available for events and private functions. What a novel idea. Can you imagine what a cool and different corporate event, wedding or private party you could have with these guys?

Keep an “eye” out for the Greek Food Truck and “Get thee to the Greek” I say!

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