High Five to Five Boroughs

South Pacific Five BoroughsButtermilk chicken five boroughstriple choc milkshake

Last Sunday hubby and I had a lunch date. I have been to NYC a gazillion times and it’s one of our favourite cities, so as soon as we walked in to Five Boroughs, we fell in love with it. Its namesake refers to the Five Boroughs of New York, and the interior definitely depicts a NYC diner or Jewish deli.  The authentic NY black subway tiles really make this place. There is a mix of booth, table or counter seating and darn it, you know I love booths and they were full!. Continue reading

My Big Fat Greek Food Truck

 Greek Food Truck 5Greek Food Truck 3 the Greek Food Truck

 Yassas! Doing what they love, childhood friends and now business partners, Jill and Sophie decided to start their business after Jill visited Sophie in Santorini. They have definitely added an affordable, quality and much needed touch of Greece to Wellington. Continue reading

Good Evening Vietnam!

Rest 883Rest 88 2Rest88 4

I think these guys have missed the boat a little with their namesake Restaurant 88. You wouldn’t immediately know this was a Vietnamese restaurant. However if you know anything about great food, you’ll have heard of it. There’s just something about the dark, peaceful decor with buddhas and plants, the fresh colour and stunning taste of this cuisine, and the delightful, gentle people that make this such an awesome place.

Continue reading