Fancy some rabbit with your coffee and bread?

Red Rabbit1red rabbit leeds stRed Rabbit

Leeds St may be the shortest street in Welly but it sure has a lot to offer. I’ve poked my nose several times into the windows of the Red Rabbit cafe/boutique roastery and adjacent Leeds St Bakery on my Sunday walks, vowing to return with friends for a Saturday coffee. I finally got to visit with a friend but on a week day.

Tucked away in Leeds St, in between Ghuznee and Dixon Sts, the Leeds St Bakery ( a former laundrette) is a small, artisan bakery which sells a delicious range of cakes, biscuits and 100% organic bread e.g. sourdough loaves, baguettes and brioche. It’s the baby cafe of the fabulous Ti Kouka on Willis St (read my guest blogger review, and is run by brothers Jesse Simpson and Shepherd Elliot.

This lovely partnership with their friend Steve Barrett (Red Rabbit Roastery), works well. As you enter the cafe, on your left, there is a two sided open shelf; one into the bakery and the other into the café. Nifty. You are greeted by the beautiful range and smell of the freshly baked goods along with their amazing packages of gourmet coffee, available for purchase.

Red Rabbit serves a variety of coffee brewing methods, however we opted for a standard long black and a latte. Standard by no means though as the coffee was delicious. The variety and quality of the cakes offered in the wee cabinet was amazing, and the muffins studded with apple and berry slices were the pick for today. They looked too pretty to eat and are definitely one of Ti Kouka’s stunning, signature creations. And of course Ti Kouka serves Red Rabbit coffee too.

For such a small area, architecturally they’ve done really well in the café, to create such space and ambiance. Park yourself in one of the booths which seats up to four peeps in each, or if you need more room, choose the large table for a bigger group over yonder. Grab a quick read of their free DomPost and enjoy the sun streaming in through the large windows. That’s when the sun does shine in Welly! It’s light, airy, quiet with ever so friendly service to boot.

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