Yummiest Yum Cha- Majestic- Wellington

coconut bunsPrawn Chilli Dumplings Majestic Prawn and Chive Dumplings- Majestic

To experience a yum cha (translation ‘drink tea’) in Welly on a Sunday, is a must for friends or tourists. We’ve done the rounds of the various chinese establishments, however Majestic Restaurant on Courtenay Place continues to be our favourite. This time we had a Japanese friend join us and she was blown away with the quality, taste, service and experience.

We reserved an 11am sitting and you get an allocation of 90 minutes to fill your boots, so you allow other punters to come and enjoy the experience after you. This is ample time to chat and chow at the same time.

Before you eat, you are offered jasmine tea. Your large teapot keeps getting refilled without you even noticing it’s empty. There is no menu, so you just take a looksy and say yeah or nah to whatever takes your fancy, when served at your table. The server then adds each dish to your invoice, which sits under the glass of your table.

Yum cha is not healthy by any means, however every now and then it’s fine and is a fun treat. Not having experienced this for some time, we did go the whole hog on dumplings. Served in bamboo steamers, we munched our way through fried chive, steamed chilli and prawn dumplings, pork dim sum, fried chicken and squid. Hubby and friend shared tripe (gag) and loved it.

I love mixing the delicious chilli oil and soya sauce together in my wee bowl, and then fail to look authentic eating with my chopsticks. Sometimes I have to use my fingers as I can’t quite master them. They give you lots of serviettes to wipe up the mess though!

We snapped up a side of coconut buns for dessert. As each portion comes in threes, I let my dear guest have the extra bun (I’m an athlete don’t cha know), and she experienced coconut bun spasms of deliciousness. Hubby declined as he’s not a fan nor an athlete!

We then went for a 90 minute hill walk to get rid of some of our guilty pleasure.

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