Roast duck on a truck with a view

La Rotisserie du CanardFried potatoes in duck fat

I’d read and heard so much about this food truck which also parks itself on Tinakori Road, on Friday nights. Our lovely Sunday morning walk was complemented by a lunch stop at the Harbourside Markets. Geez it was busy. Nudging myself gently through the crowd, I headed (well aimed fast!) towards La Rotisserie du Canard (Canard with a silent‘d’).

We arrived around noon and my mouth was already salivating for the famous roasted potatoes in duck fat. I watched the chef sauté them before my eyes and serve them with a good dollop of garlic aioli. Sadly I had to ask for two forks!

Hubby chose the roasted chicken sandwich in a soft baguette with coleslaw and aioli. Being a duck fan, I was eyeing up the duck truffle soup however I just had to try the duck sandwich. My tummy is not good with gluten, however occasionally it copes ok, so I thought why the heck not!

Sitting in the sun on the Welly waterfront was just wonderful, and chowing down on these South-western, rustic French sandwiches was an added bonus. Sharing the roasted potato chunks was the highlight, as they were so finger/lip smacking’ good.

We were most impressed with the bang for buck for duck  – a satisfying, quality lunch for two for $26! Bon appetit.


4 thoughts on “Roast duck on a truck with a view

  1. The duck truffle soup is good too, albiet rich so a little goes a long way. I’ve taken home a roast duck from LC and had three delish nights of duck and crusty baguette, duck risotto and duck noodle soup and the memory sticks with me so much I’m going to try Moore Wilson’s roast duck from their chook wagon sometime soon for a repeat (only available Fridays and you need to order in person by Tuesday – you can book weeks in advance if that organised). Bon appetit.

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