Love crab? Baby get down to Crabshack!

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Located on Welly’s waterfront at the southern end of Shed 5 on Queen’s wharf, is where you’ll find yet another of Simon Gault’s seafood gems. Its nautical theme immediately sets the scene for a casual fun dining experience and that’s exactly what we had.

With a group of 10, celebrating a wedding, our table was reserved. What a bonus, no waiting and our fab day was capped off nicely with such amazing food and service.

Wow the menu was huge with some deliciously sounding predominantly seafood dishes e.g. clam/mussel fritters, crab/prawn cakes, clam chowder yada yada and the good ole shrimp cocktail. In the interim, our lovely waiter Paul served us drinks. Even though mainly Kiwi white and red wines were offered along with a great array of beers and fantastic cocktails, we agreed on a bottle of Aussie red. Trust us to be different.

Paul was efficient, knowledgeable with a great sense of humour. He helped us make some spectacular food choices. We started with the mouth-watering calamari with creamy garlic aioli. Others shared breads and dips, pork tacos and the corn chip platter. The latter platter (unintentional rhyme!) was piled high with these large homemade corn chips, guacamole, crab and pumpkin dips. And gluten-free. I was so tempted to lean over and dive in but declined.  I didn’t know the cousins that well. Next time. Next time I mean I’ll try it, not dive in!

The bride and I chose the catch of the day (GF option) which was served with red pepper and lime sauce, potato hash and chipotle slaw. Divine. The groom although wanting to try the crab but not get messy, opted for the shack paella. It wasn’t what I expected, but I liked how it was served in this cool dish and no complaints from him. The saffron rice had chorizo (cho-reet-zo), squid, prawns, mussels piled on top with jalapeno (hal-a-pino) crème fraiche and smoked paprika. However the vote for the best dish of the day (drum roll) went to my husband’s shack stack. I know you’re saying steak in a seafood restaurant, however there were two rosemary and garlic flavoured minute steaks with mushrooms, onions, cheese sauce, potato hash and chipotle slaw, served on this wooden slab. It was the presentation that was superb and he letting others taste. Hold up people, he rarely shares.

With full tummies, we couldn’t even contemplate dessert, but we made time to complete the customer sat form for Paul. I hope he got acknowledged.

As we left I caught a glimpse of the tee-shirts one of the staff was wearing. “Have you got crabs? We have!” What a clever jeu de mots/double-entendre/pun. This is a little ole place where you can get/eat together- Crab shack Baby Crab shack.

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