Come fly with me at The Hangar Flight Cafe?

HangarHangar eggsHangar minceLong black the Hangar

The Flight Coffee Hangar cafe in Upper Dixon Street is not your normal cafe; it’s a retro New York style cafe and cocktail bar, open 7am till 5pm Mon-Tues and till 1am Wed to Sat (way past my bedtime).

Since my last visit, they have expanded to allow for more bums on seats, favouring tables over booth seating (darn I love booth seats) but this does work really well, and makes it more spacious.

There’s such a fun, relaxed vibe about this place. As soon as you ask the friendly staff a question, yes I know I can be difficile (French translation =fussy) at times, but they don’t make you feel awkward, they just ooze passion for their coffee and food. It’s better than hearing “Um I don’t know” or “I’ll need to check with the chef” . These cats know and strut their stuff.

We were so busy chatting (girlie catch-up of course), so it took us forever to decide on what to have. With coffee orders out the way (that’s the easy part), pressure was on as tummies were grumbling. BTW Flight is one of my favourite coffee brands as I love its rich, intense flavour. It’s imported and roasted in-house, plus prepared by award winning baristas. They have a fab selection and you can buy some (plus other accessories), to take home.

When your coffee arrives, the presentation on the wooden tray just adds to the experience; too nice to touch really!. See photo for proof. You can now also order an amazing hot chocolate, with a 70% cocoa base which they source from our very own Welly Chocolate Factory. Great antioxidant boost.

We finally ordered banana bread and berries (nom nom), shakshuka baked eggs with spinach (yummo), mince with poached eggs, a ‘Bob the builder’ build your own brekkie and scrambled eggs on wholegrain, with a side of avo (great healthy fat choice!).

Presentation got the big thumbs up from us. The menu is large and they cater for Paleo/Primal followers or GF/vegans. Other options include muesli and all that jazz, French toast, banana brad with peanut butter mousse, eggs any way, bagels, burgers (buns made of brioche- nice buns! pun intended), mac and cheese, soups, salads, and kale chips (so paleo!). Good tucker you can eat any time of the day.

Hang about, I’m not sad to bid thee farewell, as I will return and try to eat my way through the menu. Who’s keen?

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