Have you been to Caffe L’affare, one of Wellington’s iconic cafes?

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Do re me..la far ray so- L’affare (pronounced la-far-ray) is music to my Italian ears with its noise and smell that heightens my senses. Caffe L’affare- translates to Coffee Business and they indeed do the ‘bizo’ when it comes to coffee.

Founded in 1990, this is a Wellington institution. Their cafe/roastery has a packaging plant, sells cafe equipment, delicious roasted beans and cool gifts. It’s  a good-sized cafe and you don’t have to wait too long to be seated at a table, booth or a shared high table, If you don’t like sharing, kids or noise, this ain’t the place for you.

This place always rocks with a good vibe and energy.They have a fantastic selection of cabinet food from filled ficelles (French sandwiches), gourmet pies, salads, scones, muffins or a specials board with a soup du jour, or various brunch concoctions with eggs and gourmet sausages plus a huge a la carte menu. Take your pick from a filled bagel, toast, porridge, muesli, ricotta pancakes, eggs (Turkish, Bene, Montreal, Florentine, poached or scrambled) or a Caesar salad, soup, burger or their famous brat in a bun.

I think I’ve tried most of these as I have been here a zillion time,s but I always find something new to try. The special chorizo, bratwurst sausages, poached eggs with hollandaise was divine and they substituted spinach for my hashbrown. Bonus. I forgot to omit my Turkish toast so I let it just snooze! Hubby built his own brekkie of eggs, black pudding, bacon and homemade beans.  Nom Nom.

The rule is you always start with a coffee, (or if you are hungover, perhaps a Mimosa or Bloody Mary) and then let them take your food order. Service is very prompt and friendly.

You won’t regret coming here and being part of the buzz. It will always be one of my faves in Welly. http://www.laffare.co.nz

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