Bula from Bulaccino Denarau, Fiji

Mmm I now have another favourite hangout in Fiji. I don’t wanna cheat on L’Epicier at the Hilton or Taste Kitchen Cafe in Martindar, but I’m now spoilt for choice. I guess these places are lucky I have found them as so many people I know come to Fiji and trust my cafe expertise!

Coffee at Bula (my wee nickname) is undeniably the pick of the litter, as it’s from Tanna Island, Vanuatu. Service is very impressive as they remember you!

I just met the lovely owners Eileen and her daughter Emma, and they told me everything is 100 percent organically certified from their 30 acre farm and they are make their own honey and grow potatoes and Thai herbs. Everything is done in-house and you can taste it! They have a sister cafe in Naumaka which is amazeballs too! I had dinner there and ate the most divine fresh tuna with ratatouille and they let me substitute salad for rice- bonus!

The baking is like Mum’s and they sell coffee beans, beautiful breads and takeaway meals e.g. soups, curries, pasta sauces etc. They also have pies, sammies and an extensive brekkie and lunch menu and they opened last night for dinner! Good one. I tried periperi chicken with fries and they swapped the slaw for salad without question. Good job and it was delicious!

The aircon is divine and I’m not a fan but it’s pretty hot here, and I love the free wifi. Www.bulaccino.com.fj

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