Delicious- L’Epicier-Hilton Resort Denarau, Fiji

It was international relations today as I got to take Danish, American, Norwegian, German, Japanese and Mongolian friends for great coffee and food. It was soooo good, we went twice in one day. Their eyes boggled at the delectable pastries and desserts in the cabinet and they took ages deciding what to choose. We settled for Berliners (donuts with jam) and pain au chocolat and lattes. The patissier (French baker) deserves a big round of applause from us as these little babies are of true European standard and taste!

This place is normally full of Aussies and Kiwis and they cater for them with pies, a la gourmet. The menu is huge and you can either have pre-prepared salads or build your own salads with so many delicious things to choose from; avocado, rocket, artichokes, blue cheese, red pepper, gherkins etc. or choose from quiches, filled croissants, baguettes and pizzas. You can also buy beautiful cheeses, and other deli foods to take out. As for drinks, they have all types of coffees, teas, smoothies, juices, beer, wine and sparkling mineral water. Anything you could possibly think of!

We were a bit wifi starved, so we truly enjoyed the bonus free wifi ( the Germans pronounce it wifey!!!!). See you soon L’Epicier!



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