Yes siree Kedgeree- Nikau Cafe, Wellington

NIkau CafeNikau eggsNikau eggs beans and chorizo

Saturday brunch at Nikau Cafe is the bomb. In fact anytime to eat at Nikau till 4pm, is the bomb. It’s nestled in behind Civic Square and the City Art Gallery, is one of Welly’s hidden gems and is always packed. There are many areas to eat at this place which is cool. You can prop yourself up at the counter or sit in the light, dining area, or by the large window at the large table, or down the back, which is more secluded. Their courtyard is nice too with their potted herbs/green veges and I believe they still grow veges on their rooftop!

They have varied specials and their menu is always changing depending on what’s seasonal, so when you return there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you to try. However their signature dish, the fish kedgeree will not budge from the menu. If you haven’t tried the kedgeree, you ain’t living the dream. The chef is inspired by many recipes from their amazing cookbook selection and they live by simplicity, integrity and quality. I’ll vouch for that.

This is vego heaven with an awesome variety of different vege options e.g. lentils, artichokes, asparagus, halloumi with lemon as well as a lovely chicken, fish and pasta dish.

For brekkie, I had the scrambled eggs with cavolo nero, lemon, garlic and goats cheese, which was superb. Friends had poached eggs with homemade baked beans and chorizo.

Drinks-wise, they have a fabulous array of Kiwi wines as well as organic juices, teas, and fantastic coffee. You will always have water on your table and it’s constantly topped up by their friendly staff. Nikau also has a successful catering business on the side.

Their glass covered counter has delicious cakes and scones. I’m not a big donut fan but their donuts filled with plum or fejoa cream are divine or you can have an affogato, lemon tarte or crème caramel for dessert.

You can pay $23.00 for the Kedgeree or up to $26.50 for the chicken. I think that is a little steep for a cafe lunch, however the food is very, very good so I guess it’s worth it.

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