Markt- Authentic Belgian Brasserie in NYC

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A friend reserved a table for us for brunch here recently, on a Saturday in NYC. They are open for lunch and dinner and specialise in brunch. It’s on 676 Sixth Ave in the Chelsea-FlatIron district, and is an authentic Belgian brasserie (if you’ve been to Europe), with a nice warm feel and antique wood and furniture.

The menu is enormous and I was busy talking too much to truly appreciate all there was to offer (me talking? really?).  They have Belgian wafels (self-explanatory), tartines (sandwiches), French toast, blueberry pancakes, delectable pastries, fresh fruit and granola, All of the oeufs (eggs) come with a crisp potato patty (kind of like a rosti-grated Swiss German fried potato cake). In hindsight I should have chosen the omelette with grilled veges and goats cheese. Lesson learned. I opted for the scrambled eggs with a side of spinach. The spinach was quite bland however the eggs were delicious. Everything comes with toast. A basket of bread and pastries was sitting on the table when we arrived which I thought was a lovely gesture, however these are extras which is fine as long as you know.  My croissant (big treat for me) was heavenly. The others loved their meals and my husband said his eggs with canadian bacon and hollandaise were just the best.

They don’t do filtered coffee which I must say I love and only drink in the US (yes yes I know how could I?!) but they do French press (plunger) or offer all European coffees. They have a wide range of juices and teas and of course Belgian Beer which would go well with moules (mussels) or oysters and frites (chips/fries).  I feel like I’m translating  so everyone understands the English equivalent words. Their service is efficient and friendly. This place is definitely a must try.


5 thoughts on “Markt- Authentic Belgian Brasserie in NYC

  1. Ate here & you’re perfectly on point! Sent friends here recently & they enjoyed it, too. They were particularly impressed with the service. Great post!

  2. I’ve been to NY a couple times, but really only remember there most recent visit well and I would love to eat here next time! You had me at potato patty. I just wish that the picture of the food was more in focus and stable, but other than that I’m glad to have stumbled across this post!

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