At Your Command, Commander’s Palace, New Orleans!

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Friends recommended this famous hidden gem as being an absolute must in New Orleans. They were so right. Commander’s Palace is located in the gorgeous Garden District at 1403 Washington Ave, just up the road from the Lafayette Cemetery. This is Sandra Bullock’s and Tom Goodman’s hood. No sign of Harrick Connick jnr though!

This place is a turquoise character villa which can actually accommodate up to 1000 guests, upstairs and downstairs. Reservations are required and the standard of dress here is high. No shorts or teeshirts so a shirt/jacket is required for males, and a dress for ladies.

Inside is very lavish and it was full of New Orleans ladies, corporates and families having lunch. Our service was undeniably top notch. I felt like the clock had turned back and we were back in southern high society in the sixties, in someone’s dining room.

We started with a martini as this is their hidden secret! So you only know about this if someone tells you! They don’t offer it upfront but it appears right at the bottom of their drinks menu and guess what? They are only $.25c each. Yes $.25c martinis, made with gin or vermouth. I chose gin and it was delicious. I wouldn’t call me a martini fan but one alcoholic drink at lunch for me, equals three. Cheap date. Of course hubby made his way through three of them and he bragged that we had four for a buck!

The menu is huge and you can choose either a la carte, or the 2-3 course “Fixed Prixe menu” (French influence naturally). The Chef sources local natural ingredients and changes their menu daily. Hubby started with the turtle soup which I got to taste, and it was delicious. It was topped with sherry on top which was poured at the table. I had the most divine spinach salad with blue cheese, pecans, cranberries and strawberry vinaigrette. We then both followed this with the crawfish salad which was outstanding. Both courses were good portion sizes. We were also served complimentary garlic buttered baguette and offered plain baguette as well. Bonus.

You also have to checkout the bathrooms. They are sensational.


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