A slice of Brooklyn tour, New York City

Living in Brooklyn, Wellington and being Italian, I’m so glad I booked ‘A slice of Brooklyn bus tour” starting in Manhattan, NYC. It was highly rated on tripadvisor as one of the best tours, and I can see why. Book online www.asliceofbrooklyn.com.

Our tour guide Paula was just so funny and knowledgable, and she spoke exactly like Lady Gaga! This was 4.5 hours well spent and good value for money. We got to eat at the famous Grimaldi’s and got preferential entry, whilst others had to stand in line. The pizza was delicious. Our other Sicilian-style pizza was at L and B Spumoni Gardens, however I preferred Grimaldi’s.

Along the way, we visited Brooklyn’s famous neighbourhoods with million dollar homes, parks, Coney Island and being a movie buff, I really enjoyed the famous movie locations like Saturday Night fever. Paula would play a clip from various movies and then say, “now look out your window”. We also got to learn about famous Brooklyn-ites like Woody Allen, Barbara Streisand etc.

This company also does a neighbourhood tour and a Christmas Lights and Cannoli Tour, and they’re starting to look at expanding and doing some other innovative tours. Such fun. Manhattan? Fuhgettaboudit!

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