A taste of Ukraine in NYC; 24/7



Our tour guide Paula, from http://www.asliceofbrooklyn.com, recommended this Ukrainian place to try in New York City. I’m so glad she did. This was indeed something different and it was so worth it.

Veselka on 144 2nd Ave, East Village was established in 1954 and they are celebrating 60 years in business. They are open 24/7 so that goes without saying right?

The food is traditional, rustic and delicious. We tried a selection of the speciality dishes; pierogi, stuffed cabbage, meatballs and the red cabbage/meat soup (borscht). I adored mTy beet and goat cheese salad; as that combo gets me everytime. A friend squeezed in some carrot cake and said it was divine. Their local beer was good too.

The prices were good for NYC and the service was very friendly and efficient. I highly recommend this place!


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