Thunderbirds are go in Wellington!


How lucky was I to end up here for lunch by default. I love this place. It’s retro, and offers an amazing huge menu based around Tex Mex, South American food. Everything is locally sourced and they pride themselves on their free range chicken, pork and eggs. This is the ‘baby’ Sweet Mothers and she does Mamma proud.

You can eat here anytime of the day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they serve brunch/lunch on weekends. They have live music on Friday nights and I’ve experienced the amazing Scarlett jazz duo a few times. It’s such a nice accompaniment to have this with your meal and is a great night out.

Today being lucky, I chose a Thunderburger- “Lucky 7” with BBQ pork, ham, cheese, gherkins without the bun. It did cause a bit of a stir ordering a bunless, semi naked burger. I was first offered GF bread but declined and requested to have it with salad. They then asked again did I not want the bun as the chef was confused? There was lots of laughter, but they delivered. It was fantastic. Yes chef.

They offer gluten-free bread and special meals for vegans but perhaps are not yet ready for Paleo/primal followers ha ha :). My friend had the vegetarian mushroom tortillas and loved them. This place offers extensive choices from curly fries with chipotle mayo, buffalo wings to burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, tacos, Po’ boys plus an amazing array of home-baked goods. Their signature is the key lime pie or the peanut butter pie. I can’t wait to come back and eat my way through the menu and I’ve already been about 6 times.

From 15-24 August, they have a special Wellington on a Plate 2 course menu and one of the offerings is beignets with Wellington chocolate factory dark chocolate sauce. Shame I won’t be around however I’ll be trying the original beignet at Café du Monde, in New Orleans. That will definitely be a treat.

Service is amazing, they are fully licensed and kids have half priced meals on Sundays with one adult meal. You won’t see a chicken nugget in sight on this menu. Jamie Oliver would be very proud. Thunderbirds are GO!

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