Best Breakfast in Welly

the Portlander2the Portlander1the Portlander3the Portlander

Normally you don’t rate hotel breakfasts right? They’re either a standard continental offering of cereal, fruit, toast and juice or coffee, or you get a choice of a fully cooked breakfast with drink of your choice. You also normally would not venture to a hotel for a daily breakfast or brunch right? But have you checked out the Portlander Bar and Grill at the Rydges Hotel on Featherston St? 


It’s like a rustic farm breakfast in the way it’s displayed, with its fabulous pots and pans sitting on a range. They also have a fantastic offering of spirulina shots, smoothies, juices, fresh fruit salad, croissants and other pastries as well as cereals, toast, eggs, homemade potato/pepper dish, sausages, bacon, baked beans or you can ask the chef to cook the eggs of your choice. Great for paleo/primal followers and you can just ask for extra greens. I just had breakfast this morning at the Rydges in Auckland which was nice but not unique like Welly!


They have takeway pastries available in the morning/afternoon available at the counter/bar (very European), and you can text ahead and order your takeway coffee to save time. How nifty is that? The coffee is good too and their baristas are passionate about their art with coffee making.


This place buzzes morning, noon and night and doesn’t just cater for hotel guests. It seems to be a local meeting joint for either corporates having coffee or lunch meetings, or meeting up over a vino after a hard day’s work. They have the big screens setup which are great for the footie games and of course the Tour de France, Rugby or Commonwealth games.


If you like the breakfast, you’ll love their lunch and dinner menu, especially if you appreciate a good steak. They do offer breads, salamis, oysters, salads etc. and their menu is very expansive, however I’ve always just skipped those and gone straight for the steak. Tbone, wagyu or eye fillet to name a few. These are to die for, as are the sides. In fact it’s the side dishes that I ooh and aah over! I love the Mandy’s horseradish sauce, hasselback potato dish, rocket parmigiano and balsamic salad, and I now see they’re offering brussel sprouts with bacon, broccolini and walnuts and roast pumpkin. Eat with a steak for paleo/primal heaven.


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