Fab Prefab Cafe- Wellington

Fab at Prefab

It was nice to revisit Prefab after a wee absence. This is one of my favourite spots, however I have had to share my love, and try some other newbies. How wonderful that Bridget and Jeff (who sold the amazing Caffe L’affare), recently won the Inspire Wellington Award. Congrats to them. They have put Wellington on the map yet again.

This place continues to be exceptionally buzzy, and never seems to die. It’s pretty full on, and there is still a queue, which is a good sign as people want to come here. So if you’re looking for somewhere quiet, this ain’t the place for you. They seem to have added more tables since my last visit to accommodate more people, so they’re trying. I also noticed such a wide range of clientele from body builders to rugby players to the Karori ladies to families and friends!

Their menu is varied and offers amazing tasty breakfast, lunch or brunch offerings. They have open sandwiches, egg dishes, salads, pizza, pasta etc. This time I chose to try the ACME salad with chicken. It was described as packed with a whole lot of roasted vegetables which appealed instantly. I was a tad disappointed though as there was only roasted beetroot, tomato and cucumber, despite it being tasty with a lovely raspberry vinaigrette. I had expected more- oh well. I’m not shy with giving feedback and everyone is very accommodating with your dietary needs. The haloumi rocket salad with the beetroot relish should have been mine; darn it, I had major food envy!. My other friends loved their pork schnitzel, caesar salad and open sandwiches. Coffee was excellent as was the range of drinks offered, including a good wine menu.

I notice they now sell bagged nuts and nut bars to take away as well as other lovely treats and homemade breads. They have also opened a venue for events, at the Vivian Street end. This caters up to 200 people. Ok is there anyone with a birthday, musical event or function who wants to try this venue out the back soon? Pick me.

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