Foodie Savvy Lingo



Mmm I got inspired from the Denizen magazine for this post. The Denizen magazine is an awesome read if you are into style, gastronomy, well being, travel, culture, fashion and need etiquette advice.

As I speak French, Italian and a little Spanish and German, pronunciation of foodie words is easy for me. When they are pronounced incorrectly, it grates a little. I do correct people but only to help them be foodie savvy. Here are some tips if you want to correctly use these words that have fallen into our vocab on a daily basis.

MOET CHANDON- (MO-ETT CHAHN-DON)- my favourite tipple; the “T” is  hard because of the German umlaut over the preceding “E”

CHORIZO (CHOR-EETZ-O)- Yummo one of my favourites; spicy Spanish sausage

EXPRESSO(E-SPRES-O)-no ‘x’ in this little Italian caffeine hit

ACAI (AH-SIGH-EE)- as in the South American superfood. The cé, cédille (that “C” with a tail on it) is pronounced as a soft “S” instead of a hard “C” sound. Go figure!

GNOCCHI (NYAWK-KEE) not Knock-ee if you want the Italians to not frown when you order

BEIGNET (BEN-YEY)- The famous donut inspired by the French ,where the taste apparently can’t be replicated anywhere but in New Orleans. Watch out for my New Orleans post in August on the famous Café du Monde. This is featured in the fab foodie movie ‘Chef’ if you haven’t seen it. A MUST watch if you’re a true foodie

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